Thursday, July 14, 2011

BDIB Maxi Skirts!

So we have missed a couple of the Bloggers do it Better challenges last posted by Pretty Shiny Sparkly in the last while, what with exams, graduation and working. We have managed to be on time for this one! It was super fun, since emma and I both lacked maxi skirts we decided to make them! let us know what you think of them and whether or not you would try out a maxi skirt!

I decided to dress up my maxi skirt with a necklace a friend got me in Montreal, a belt from a Mercedes lane in Victoria, a vintage bag, a vintage headband, a pair of earrings that were my mothers and some Steve Madden heels.

Emma kept it simple with only some bangles, a vintage belt, and "shoes you could kill a man with" (said Brendan our camera monkey)

Emma's man killer Nine West shoes.

Thanks for reading! Check out more of Brendan's photos on flicker at
If you get the chance you should check out some of the other bloggers take on maxi skirts on Pretty Shiny Sparkly.


  1. Loving the black and white maxi skirt! Where is it from? - Katy

  2. I really love that printed skirt!

  3. I love both maxi skirts! The belted maxi looks great on both of you- good inspiration for the next time I wear a maxi! :)

    star-crossed smile