Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The highly improbable.

So one day I, Kelsey, was sitting on my back porch reading a magazine in the sun, when a highly improbable occurrence occurred.

I was brushing up on the 'five things to know this month', when I looked at the fourth thing I was apparently supposed to know this month, I almost fell over due to the improbability of it!

It said that cat ladies are in!!!! For lack of a better exclamation, what I said to that was OMG!!!!
Now let me explain a little more, I am a crazy cat lady. I have been told that I am and always will be a crazy cat lady for all of my life, I believe this to be true. So those were the events that prompted me to do a crazy cat lady blog post. Featuring Little kitty and Stumpy, my two cats.

This is little kitty lounging in my thrift store purse.

Me in my jorts (jean shorts!!!) and favourite cat sweater ever! (from Fly Channel) Toting little kitty around.

Velvet hair bow I made.

This is STUMPY! My three legged cat! He is just a rompin' about!

Wearing awesome thrift store penny loafers! Also wearing Joe Fresh sunglasses.

Stumpy still romping.

This sweater reminds me of Stumpy because he is usually disgruntled looking so he looks exactly like the cat on this sweater who is also looking rather disgruntled.

I have had these forever, so I don't remember where I got them, but they are so cute and I thought they rated enough to get into the crazy cat lady post.

Thanks for listening to the rambles of a crazy cat lady.
from Stumpy and Little Kitty.

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