Thursday, May 5, 2011

White Out!

So we have decided to take part in Pretty Shiny Sparkly's, Bloggers do it better challenge! Yay! This is our first post for this challenge! We hope you enjoy!

Neither of us own many white clothing as they tend to get spilt on pretty fast, so this was a challenge for us. I guess these challenges are supposed to be a challenge!(sorry for the redundancy)
So this is what we came up with!  :D

Emma's shirt by Ceres.

Emma wearing a vintage dress with wonderful pleating and detailing.

Let us know what you think! We recommend checking out all of the other bloggers doing this challenge on Pretty Shiny Sparkly!


  1. I like how there is two of you and I like all the Bits, how we never saw the whole thing exactly. Very cool.

    We have $957 worth of GIveaway on our sidebar. Many are fashion related! Check it out!
    Would love it, if you would stop by and see how a 45+ year old handles “White Out”—you might get a good chuckle anyway! See you there!
    The Chief Blonde

  2. Thanks! Sounds cool we will definetly take a look!